Meet Our Team TRX Personal Training
Meet Our Team
Body Mechanix is a team of highly skilled personal trainers,
health practitioners, nutritionists, dietitians, massage therapists, and more.
Full body, multi-leveled workout inspired by a former Navy Seal.
This “All Core” approach to training helps to give you safe, effective and
faster results over traditional free weights.
Personal Training
Find out who we are and what we can do for you.
Let our personal trainers help with a full assessment to start you off right,
track your progress, and help you attain your goals: weight loss, strength, endurance,
special events, injury prevention, or training to become the best you can be!


When was your last tune-up?

Our vision is to...

  • remain affordable and competitive
  • provide leading edge education and tools
  • ensure your success in reaching their health and fitness goals


After several years of providing training services in a corporate setting, the need to provide a non-cookie cutter approach to fitness and nutrition became a personal goal.

Just as each client is unique in their fitness goals, so must the approach be to their program.

We look forward to being a part of your journey!

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Different fitness classes to
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Suspension training trains every muscle in your body.

Full Body, Multi-Levelled workout inspired by a former Navy Seal. Using Your Body Weight and gravity to create resistance, suspension training simultaneously works every muscle through your core. This burns calories in a shorter time while achieving faster results. Perfect for Sports Teams, Corporate Wellness Groups, or any individual wanting to train like an athlete with the highest standard of coaching.

*TRX group training takes place every 4-6 weeks (schedules vary)

Fitness Programs


Let our bootcamp coaches push you to the extreme.

Any combination of moves can be put together to create a circuit. This utilizes speed, endurance, strength and agility. We explore body weight, free weights, bosu\stability balls and sandbags to name a few. Let one of our bootcamp coach's push you to the extreme in a high intensity, interval training cardio session. It's always better in a group to share in the fun and pain.

Fitness Programs

Fascial Stretch Therapy

30% higher gains in flexibility.

Using Chris and Ann Fredrick’s Stretch to Win principles, fascia are the layers of connective tissue that build up after workouts and create the muscle soreness we experience. For Professional Athletes, or anyone with Flexibility Goals, this one on one session is provided using traction, oscillation and circumduction in the joints and connective tissue for 30% higher gains in flexibility. If you experience pain or a limited range of movement due to flexibility, this is sure to help!

Fitness Programs

Personal Training

Let our Body Mechanix personal trainers help you attain your goal.

Training is Personal – depending on a clients individual needs. Let our (Body Mechanix) help with a full assessment to start you off right, track your progress, and help you attain your goal, whether it be weight loss, strength, endurance, special event, injury prevention or training to become the best you can be!

Fitness Programs


Whether you prefer mind and body (Yoga), Cardio, Flexi/Xco or other toning and sculpting classes such as Gliding, or TriggerPoint Therapy (the release of knots and connective tissue in the muscle), we have a class that can suit any taste if you’re looking for that extra camaraderie in a group, or down time to compliment those more challenging training sessions.

Fitness Programs

Kinesiology & Osteopathy

Treating any physical and physiological dysfunctions.

Having a detailed understanding in Anatomy and Physiology, kinesiologist Mindy Parmar can effectively apply the principles of Classical Osteopathy to treat any physical and physiological dysfunctions. This can range from low back pain/sciatica to disgestive disorders, migraines, asthma, etc.

Health & Nutrition

Hollistic Nutrition

Using a combination of diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Our experienced nutritionist Deborah L. Paylor can meet with you to discuss diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Health & Nutrition



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Testimonial - Angela

Angela / TRX Training

When I started my journey, I never imagined that I would accomplish what I have up to today. TRX was introduced to me just over a year ago. Like a lot of people, I listened and watched a demo and never thought it would be something that could provide me the results I was looking for. Well, I decided to try it and now after many sessions, I have to say it has been extremely gratifying. It has greatly improved my STRENGTH and CORE, as well as removed inches off my waist and thighs that have always been problem areas for me. With guidance, courage and motivation, our instructor “Glen Burgess” I have to say he is one in a million. His passion to help you reach and succeed your goals is something I have been fortunate to experience. I can’t wait for the next TRX Camp!

Testimonial - Lorraine D.

Lorraine D. / TRX Training

I have taken two rounds of TRX with Glen and I have thoroughly enjoyed all his classes. Glen is an excellent trainer. He is committed to making sure that his clients receive the best training possible. I work out a lot, usually taking 4-6 classes per week. I feel my fitness level is good, and still find the TRX training challenging. I particularly like the fact that I can feel the muscles in my body getting stronger. Days after the workouts my body reminds me of all the hard work I did under Glen’s strict regime. He makes sure our form is correct and encourages time for a proper stretch. He offers various levels for each exercise in order to best suit individual needs. Glen is dedicated to the program and very knowledgeable. Even though he takes his work seriously, he is quite personable and a lot of fun. Glen’s repeat customers are a true testimonial of his caring commitment to his clients.

Testimonial - Grant B.

Grant B. / TRX Training

My TRX trainer advised me that I would build and strengthen core as I progress through the TRX sessions. He was right. The training sessions helped immensely with strengthening chest, arms, back, and legs, a total overall body work out. I feel stronger, back pain has dissipated and I recommend others to go through the program to see what it can do for you. I can see myself doing this again at the next level.

Testimonial - Debbie M.

Debbie M. / TRX Training

I was extremely excited when TRX was introduced. I loved the fact this was something new and it would challenge me to my fullest. That it did!! My strength and endurance practically doubled in numbers (in some cases it did) in just 9 weeks! Without the excellent guidance and support from Glen I would never have achieved the results I did! I loved it so much, I signed up for round 2!! Thanks to Rachel for all her hard work too, without her I never would have signed up!

Testimonial - Ann F.

Ann F. / TRX Training

This morning was my last TRX camp, and I have to thank you for an awesome six weeks. I learned that I could do so much more than I ever imagined. The sweat, and the sore muscles are well worth the increased strength (core strength especially) and endurance I’ve gained in such a short time. I would recommend TRX to anyone who wants to challenge themselves, to lose inches, get toned and lose a few pounds. Thank you both for a great experience and I hope to repeat it in the New Year.

Testimonial - Kendra A.

Kendra A. / TRX Training

There comes a time when your body just needs “more” or has “plateaued”. No matter how hard I pushed myself in classes I wasn’t seeing results that I wanted. I needed a challenge, something different to shock my system. I spoke to Glen and he suggested I try TRX. I have now done a total of 4 TRX Camps and I absolutely swear by it. I love TRX because it allows you to work at many levels of intensity and resistance, it’s a ton of fun/gets creative and pushes you past your limits. TRX is an awesome challenge and helped me reach many of my goals and beyond. I am stronger than ever! I thank TRX for whooping my butt as well a big Thank you to an amazing trainer like Glen for all his precise coaching, dedication and encouragement.


Glen Burgess

Glen Burgess

Personal Trainer/Stretch Specialist
Mindy Parmar

Mindy Parmar

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
Deborah-Lee Paylor

Deborah-Lee Paylor

Clinical Nutritionist Practitioner
Emily Cercado

Emily Cercado

Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist